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Shelagh Wall Wedding makeup Stylist

My Capabilities

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This is your wedding day and I will certainly provide a expert service that will certainly ensure all eyes will be on you, your make-up will be perfect and will give you the feeling of being the perfect bride. I have experience in every kind of design of choice, and the capability to pick the appropriate products for your skin tone.

    Our Solutions

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    To take the complete benefit of my services we will certainly start a complete appointment to make sure you are happy along with the chosen makeup style for the big day. We will certainly work together to produce specifically the appearance you want and feel comfy using.

    My Basics

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    Wedding event make-up covers the bride-to-be and all wedding party participants who require make-up, you will certainly all be dealt with to a top quality make-up, and I have 18 years professional experience which will put forward just what I can do for you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any type of questions.

      Wedding / Bride to be Makeup Design - Monmouth

      A excellent appeal can be achieved along with the best makeup artist

      I provide a highly expert wedding make-up solution that is absolutely modified to your requirements. I strive to make the total experience a relaxed and comfortable one. My wedding day bundle features all your wedding party participants that need makeup (even the groom if he so needs).

      I am a completely mobile solution so can fit any type of location of your selection. I have actually been a make-up artist for a total of 18 years and have in depth knowledge of all facets of make-up. There will be a assessment meeting along with myself to talk about your suggestions on designs for the wedding day and how you want to look, this will certainly include a dummy run of the bridal make-up and the other wedding group members.

      To assist along with the dummy run I will ask if you can collect ideas from sources such as magazines or youtube etc.. to provide us some type of beginning point to attaining your wanted look, or the various other alternative would be for me to offer my expert point of view on exactly what may best suit you or not, this will certainly include exactly what items to utilize in addition to a appropriate base foundation which can be tailored to match you skin tone perfectly.

      As soon as the test run has been completed the makeup utilized and application style will be documented so we have a comprehensive record to work from on your big day, this will certainly therefore cut down on any type of wasted time or added stress to the makeup application procedure on the wedding day.

      As pointed out just above I can accommodate male make-up if called for on the day, this will usually not call for a trial run as the make-up will just be corrective.

      I likewise do offer camouflage make-up for any kind of unwanted birthmarks, imperfections or Tattoos that you might not desire noticeable for the wedding day, depending on the dimension of the camouflage and exactly what is needed to be covered would figure out if a trail run for that process would definitely be required or not, if the location is little then this is normally not an problem and can be easily done on the day.

      I married myself almost 10 years ago and of course I did my very own make-up

      Keep in mind this will probably be the most extravagant day of your life along with some of the happiest lasting memories, so why shouldn’t you have your makeup design carried out by a expert!
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